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Our birthing center provides family-centered care. Families enjoy the benefit of having their newborn in-room during their entire stay with us, if they choose. We also have a level-one nursery, staffed by licensed nurses who are trained and certified in neonatal resuscitation.

Upon admission to the birthing center, expectant mothers are escorted to a private labor, delivery, recover, postpartum (LDRP) suite, which includes a birthing bed for mom and a sofa sleeper for her support person. Our LDRP suites are equipped with the latest in fetal monitoring equipment, which allows our nurses to continuously monitor mom and baby from any area in the birthing center.

Following delivery of your baby, we provide one-on-one instruction to prepare you for taking your new arrival home. We want to be sure that you are comfortable caring for your little one once you get home. Our care doesn't stop after you're dismissed. We also offer a 48-hour follow up visit to do a weight check on the baby as well as address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding yourself or your baby.

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Wendy Bolinger, MBA, BSN, RN

Director of the Birthing Center


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