Emergency Services

Our emergency services department is a well-equipped 10-bed emergency center offering immediate response to medical and trauma emergencies with 24-hour physician coverage. The emergency team members have specialized training in advanced life support measures. Our hospital-based ambulances provide emergency ground transport in the community and surrounding areas. When air transport is needed, it is provided by helicopter services.

The emergency department is utilizing rapid bedding of patients—meaning, as space allows, that when a patient arrives at the Emergency Department, we take them straight back to the room to check in instead of stopping at the triage desk. A recent article from the Emergency Nurse Association (ENA) Connection by JoAnn Lazarus indicates this is becoming the trend in emergency departments. She believes that "if we, as a profession, are going to respond to the changes in the health care environment, we have to be open to changing the way we do business. We have to be open to innovation and be willing to change the status quo." The ED staff at Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is embracing these changes all to improve our patient's experience.

LifeFlight EagleThe LifeFlight Eagle "Life Saver Award"is awarded to hospitals, fire departments and EMS agencies in the LifeFlight Eagle service area that demonstrate life-saving critical care response, commitment to improving emergency medical services in their community and focus on improved clinical patient outcomes.

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