Rehabilitation and Wellness

All therapy and rehabilitation at Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is aimed at a common goal: regaining the highest possible level of self-care and functioning. Rehabilitation services may be reached by calling 660.890.7190. We provide services at multiple locations, including the hospital, through our Home Health agency, area schools, Clinton Aquatic Center, and our outpatient clinics located in Clinton, Warsaw and Windsor.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists assist patients who need relief of chronic and acute pain, exercise to regain muscle strength, wound healing, development training, retraining following amputation, or retraining in activities of daily therapy. Therapeutic agents used include water, heat, cold, exercise, electricity, orthotics and prosthetics to achieve its goals.

Speech Therapy

Speech pathologists work to bring communication skills to their highest possible levels when a patient has development delays or is impaired by illness or injury, such as stroke or brain tumor.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assist patients who need physical retraining of fine motor skills, developmental training, behavioral modification, custom splinting, adaptive equipment or work conditioning to achieve therapeutic goals. Our outpatient clinic in Clinton also has a certified hand therapist, (CHT), who specializes in assessing and treating the upper extremity.

Aquatic Therapy

Rehabilitation services now offers aquatic therapy to help speed patient recovery. Water provides a supportive environment that allows a patient to begin therapy sooner than traditional therapy. When used in conjunction with land-based therapy, aquatic therapy can rapidly increase recovery time. The water allows for low-impact rehabilitation as well as progressive weight-bearing and resistance activities. Many patients with orthopedic or neurological conditions, or chronic pain may benefit from this type of therapy.

Worksite Testing

Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is committed to providing employers and employees with a safe work environment and the ability to hire people with the strength to perform their job safely. In order to confirm an employee's physical ability to perform requirements of their job, Golden Valley Memorial Hospital offers the Physical Capacity Profile (PCP) testing system.

For more information or to schedule an appointment:

Clinton or Windsor locations: 660.890.7190
Warsaw location: 660.428.1146

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Rachel Boyles, Director of Rehab and Wellness


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