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To promote effective skin and wound care management and to help ensure more personalized care, the Wound & Skin Care Clinic relies on a distinctive four-step process:

  • Diagnose. Our multidisciplinary team of experts evaluates your wound and skin condition by identifying the cause, addressing any underlying medical conditions, and reviewing your skin and wound history.
  • Treat. After the preliminary diagnosis has been determined, treatment options are discussed. Throughout the course of treatment, the team closely monitors the progress of the skin or wound and may alter the course of treatment to improve results, if necessary. As the patient, you are the most important member of the team and always a part of the decision-making process.
  • Educate. To further promote taking an active role, you will be instructed in several areas during the healing process. Specialists will teach you how to change your dressing, examine your skin, and, if applicable, suggest ways to alter certain lifestyle habits to prevent new wounds or conditions.
  • Support. Before, during and after the treatment process, we make sure your referring physician is updated every step of the way. After ending your prescribed treatment, follow-up appointments may be recommended.

The First Visit

Your physician will refer you for your first visit. Before treatment begins at the Wound & Skin Care Clinic, you will meet with a wound center physician who will perform an assessment and review your medical history. Certain tests may be necessary to provide important information.


To prepare for your first visit, please provide the following information: current medications or herbal treatments you are using, any food and/or drug allergies, and past or present wound care products or treatments.

Ostomy Care

The clinic offers training, education and support aimed at improving quality of life for people who have had ostomy surgery. The clinic helps ostomy patients be as comfortable as possible and to care for themselves properly to prevent future complications. Any ostomy patient may use the clinic's services with a physician referral.

Staffed by certified ostomy nurses, the clinic provides:

  • Preoperative counseling
  • Experienced professional support during the pre- and postoperative period
  • Support and information for the benefit of family, friends and personal caregivers
  • Evaluation and treatment of stomal and/or peristomal skin conditions and yearly follow-up.

A monthly ostomy support group is now available. For more information, call 660.890.7245.

Wellness Services

The Golden Valley Memorial Hospital Wound & Skin Care Clinic is a state-of-the-art outpatient clinic where the clinicians go out of their way to make sure patients are treated with respect and consideration. We provide care for those with challenging, nonhealing wounds; various skin conditions; and ostomies. We provide many soothing treatments that include hands-on care supervised by a team of experts. We work to improve your wound or skin condition quickly and effectively.

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