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Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-certified mammography facility. We perform more than 3,000 studies a year. With an experienced and highly skilled staff, a specially trained radiologist, and state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment, Golden Valley Memorial Hospital offers comprehensive mammography services. Evening appointments are available for screening mammograms. Call 660.890.7145 to schedule an appointment in Clinton. For a screening mammogram appointment in Warsaw, call 660.438.5193.

In addition, the hospital has a new stereotactic breast biopsy suite to enhance its array of diagnostic breast services. Used to locate and then take samples of tissue from any mammogram-detected suspicious areas in the breast, this core biopsy system can be used before or instead of surgical biopsy. The hospital also performs breast needle localization to determine the location of suspicious breast tissue that has been seen on a mammogram.

The center also uses ImageChecker technology, a computer-aided analog and digital mammography detection (CAD) system from R2 Technology, Inc. The ImageChecker helps radiologists detect cancer at the earliest, most treatable stage and improves detection rates by as much as 15 to 20 percent. The ImageChecker takes a regular x-ray image from a mammogram, and then runs it through a computer to create a digital image that can be scanned for abnormalities. The ImageChecker brings abnormalities to the attention of the radiologist by highlighting all suspect areas, including lumps and calcified areas that are typical indicators of breast cancer. The radiologist can then compare the computer-marked image to the x-ray they originally examined to determine areas that need to be reviewed.

Qualified female radiographers perform the procedures, and our board-certified radiologist, specializing in x-ray technology diagnosis, interprets the tests and reports them to your physician.

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