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Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare Birthing Center Completes Workshop to Help Patients Ease Childbirth

Clinton, Mo. – (Aug. 14, 2020) – Recently, the Birthing Center team at Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) completed a Spinning Babies® Workshop.

Spinning Babies® is an approach to optimize the positioning of the mother and her baby to help move the baby into the best position to ease childbirth. Typically, babies will settle into the easiest position they can, but sometimes that makes labor difficult. This class helps healthcare providers understand the physiology of the labor process and how they can help the baby rotate into the ideal position for delivery. 

“Giving birth can be one of the most empowering and exciting experiences in a woman’s life,” said Wendy Bolinger, BSN, RN, MBA, Director of the Birthing Center at GVMH. “It was very exciting to watch each of our nurses learn how the body changes during the labor process and how they can put that knowledge to work to support their patients by using simple position changes or exercises.”

In the Spinning Babies® approach, gentle stretches and body balancing techniques are utilized, using the three principals of balance, gravity and movement. By using balancing stretches and positioning, Spinning Babies® techniques can help to add comfort when labor starts. The program helps ease back labor, reduce pain and lower the chances of a cesarean section.

“I am so excited our nursing staff has completed a Spinning Babies® course,” said Dr. Pamela McCool, OB-GYN at GVMH. “The techniques and skills they have acquired will help facilitate labor by assisting the baby to move through the pelvis efficiently, which will result in shorter labor times and even improved pain management. I have already seen patients benefit from these techniques.”

Megan Sutton, LPN, Birthing Center Nurse agreed, “Spinning Babies® helped me learn about the details of the laboring process and how to position and support our mothers for a successful delivery.”

Only you and your provider can decide what is right for you and your baby. Please consult with your physician before making any changes to your healthcare plan.