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Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare Purchases Building to Support Community

Clinton, Mo. – (Sept. 30, 2021) – Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) has signed an agreement with Truman Regional Community Development Corporation to purchase the building at 1701 N. Second Street where State Fair Community College (SFCC) is located.

The acquisition is an investment in the Clinton community to ensure advanced educational opportunities remain locally. It also safeguards existing jobs and continues the pipeline of highly trained medical graduates to GVMH to fill open positions and provide quality care to patients.

“Truman Regional Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit started by and administered by Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission, was very instrumental in helping to bring State Fair Community College to the city of Clinton and rehabilitated the building to the specifications of SFCC,” said Sheridan Garman-Neeman, Director of Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission. “TRCDC’s mission is to preserve the college and to support it in any way possible; therefore selling the building to GVMH is a win-win for all parties involved.”

“We have invested a substantial amount of money and effort into the building over the years so that SFCC would have a great place to be for many years to come,” said Dick Fleming, long-standing TRCDC Board Member. “GVMH’s relationship with SFCC and its support of their programs make it an ideal steward of the building and SFCC’s Clinton campus located there.”

“When we initially heard the building was for sale, we had no interest in purchasing it as we do not want to own more real estate or become landlords,” said Craig Thompson, CEO at GVMH. “However, we did not want to risk another organization evicting SFCC from the space. We have worked closely with SFCC for many years to help fill our workforce needs, such as developing specific educational programs for medical assistants, registered nurses and surgical technologists. SFCC is a vital asset to our community and we value our strategic partnership.”