Health Information Management

This department is the repository of all the records resulting from the care of all patients, whether the care is an inpatient stay or services rendered to an outpatient.

These records are readily available to any physician for continuity of care, as well as historical patient care. These records are also used for obtaining reimbursement for the patient care rendered.

The department is made up of several sections, including analysis, coding, filing, support services and transcription, all of which depend on each other for success in completion of their duties.

Each patient is assigned one number. Every healthcare event will be filed under that number from that point forward. That number will never be assigned to another patient. This process enables us to have quick access to all of the patient’s records, whether in response to a physician requesting the records or a personal request by the patient.

All records are kept in the strictest of confidence and are not released except by the authorization of the patient or the patient’s legal representative.