Health Information Exchange

What is the Health Information Exchange with the Midwest Health Connection (MHC) Network?

It is a secure way to share health records with your doctors and healthcare team electronically, instead of on paper.

What do my health records show?
  • Health problems 
  • Medicines
  • Test results
  • Past care, like doctor visits and surgeries
  • Allergies 
How does MHC help hospitals take care of me?

They use your health records to make better choices about your care. This may help your doctors:

  • Prevent mistakes
  • Choose only tests and care needed
  • Avoid medicines that do not work well together
MHC could save your life in an emergency

If you go to the hospital or emergency room, your past health records can let your doctors know about your crucial health needs. Having your records quickly can help doctors save your life. Your health record will tell them your:

  • Allergies 
  • Health problems
  • Medicines
  • Test results
MHC can also help your family

If you have children, aging parents or take care of someone, they can join MHC, too. You can have peace of mind knowing doctors can see their health records to help them in an emergency

MHC protects your health records

Only authorized health care provider/organizations and professionals involved in your treatment, coordination of care, quality improvement and activities related to the management or payment of your health care can access your records. Medical record information is protected under federal and state privacy laws; access, use and disclosure of medical records will comply with those laws. 

Your records are secure

Doctors need a secure password to see your records. MHC keeps track of who views your records through the network. You can ask the medical records staff for a list of who has looked at them.

Your electronic records are safer than paper records

Your records go through a secure network to your doctor. This means they cannot be sent to the wrong address or sit on a fax machine. Your records will be safe in a fire, flood or tornado.

Does my hospital or doctor use MHC?

To find out, just ask the staff. You can also visit the MHC website at to see a list of health care organizations that participate in MHC.

It can help save time

MHC is fast and easy. You often must wait for paper records to be sent before you see a new doctor or schedule a test. MHC can help you:

  • Get care sooner 
  • Do less paperwork
  • Get test results faster
What if I am away from home?

If you are in the Midwest and you need to see a provider or go to a hospital, your health records can be there when you need care. MHC serves a large part of the Midwest. 

What if I have questions?

If you want to know more, ask the provider staff or contact MHC by phone at 573.777.4550 or email

Do I have to participate in MHC?

No. You have control over your health records. You can decide if you want to share your records with your doctors and hospitals through MHC.

What happens if I do not participate?

Your doctors will not be able to see your records through MHC, even in an emergency.

How do I let my hospital or doctor know if I want to participate?

Unless you decide to opt-out, your records will be shared through the MHC network. You can change your mind at any time by completing an opt-out form at your provider location or through the MHC website.  

Is there a cost for me?

No. There is no cost for you to share your health records through MHC.