Aaron Tjomsland, PA-C



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Master of Health Science, Physician Assistant, Drexel University, Center City, Pa.

Physician Assistant Prerequisite Coursework, Salt Lake Community, College, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Phoenix, Midvale, Utah

Why I Am Golden

I grew up with little access to healthcare and rarely saw a doctor because we did not have the money. I am passionate about practicing medicine because I love to help people when they need it most. I enjoy the ever-evolving excellence within our entire medical team, continually sharpening evidence based medicine and the thrill of seeing best practices lead to optimal patient outcomes. However, the most fulfilling part of my profession is when I see my patient's life "get better". Optimal health means more to me than mere prescriptions and treatment plans. What gives me energy at work is the chance that I have to make a positive influence in someone's life.

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