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For more than 40 years, Golden Valley Memorial Hospital has cared for patients of all ages who have turned to the hospital and its physicians for consistently outstanding care. Because Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit organization, the Golden Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation was established in 1989 to give caring donors a way to help sustain high-quality care and provide the latest medical technology.

Donors make a difference! And the Foundation is pleased to be the means by which donors can contribute through events, cash donations, memorials, appreciated stock, bequests through a will or trust, charitable remainder trusts, retirement accounts and pension plans, CDs, savings accounts, brokerage accounts, checking accounts with P.O.D. provisions, gift annuities, life insurance beneficiary, and gifts of real estate.

Donors have the opportunity to make either restricted (for a particular project) or nonrestricted donations, and the Foundation will honor their wishes for the use of donated funds.

Foundation Board

Deanna Hendrich
Director of Development
& Communications

Sarajane Roberts


Jim Smith
Vice Chair



Kristi Kenney
Secretary / Treasurer



Jody Barker
Board Member



Danny Eidson
Board Member



Dr. Gus S Wetzel II
Board Member



Dr. Janet L. Hankins
Board Member



Gregg Smith
Board Member



David Mills
Board Member


Gerald Atchison
Board Member


We invite you to learn more about the hospital and our Foundation. Your support of the Foundation's campaigns, programs and special events will be invaluable in advancing the mission of the hospital.

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Deanna Hendrich, GVMH Foundation


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