Employee Benefits

As part of the Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare family, our colleagues work hard to help others, and we know to be at their best, they must take care of themselves. That is why we offer a competitive benefits package that includes insurance for dental, health, vision and life; retirement saving support; time away from work and much more.

Benefits for Staff

  • Weekend differential: Additional differential paid for hours worked between 11 p.m. on a Friday and 11 p.m. on a Sunday. 
  • Holiday pay: Premium pay for hours worked on designated holidays, making pay equivalent to time and a half.
  • Jury duty: Pay for work missed to attend jury duty.
  • Funeral leave: Up to 24 hours pay for missed work due to death in immediate family.
  • Shift pay: Extra pay for evening and night shifts.
  • Tax sheltered annuities: Voluntary, individual supplemental retirement program using pretax dollars.
  • Hospital and clinic discount: 20% discount off hospital and clinic bill for you and your immediate family.
  • Pharmacy and supplies discount: You pay hospital cost, plus 10% on in-stock items for you and your immediate family.
  • Direct deposit: Direct payroll deductions to checking and/or savings accounts at local banking institutions.
  • Education: Wide range of programs available on a variety of topics.
  • Meal discount: With employee name badge, meals in cafeteria are purchased at discounted prices while on duty.
  • Credit Union: Enjoy credit union benefits through payroll deduction.
  • Benevolence Fund: An employee committee administers employee funds for the benefit of employees in need.
  • Extended Illness Bank (EIB): A full-time employee accrues six days per year. When absence is due to personal illness, EIB starts paying the 25th hour absent from work, hospitalization or surgery. 
  • Paid hours off: A full-time employee earns 152 paid hours off (PHO) during their first year of employment. PHO is used for time off and for the first 24 hours of scheduled work due to personal illness before EIB is used. Part-time employees accrue PHO on an equal prorated basis, if they work enough hours to be eligible for benefits.
First Month After 60 Days of Employment
  • Health insurance: Comprehensive health insurance coverage for inpatient, outpatient, physician and prescription expenses. Dependent coverage available as well.
  • Voluntary term and/or whole life insurance: Voluntary term life insurance is available for purchase at group-guaranteed rates for you and your family. Whole life is available once per year. 
  • Life insurance: Provides life insurance coverage at no cost to employee. Also provides benefits for loss of limbs, eyesight, etc., at no cost to employees. 
  • Dental insurance: Covers routine and preventative 100%. Co-pay on restorative work. Dependent coverage available as well.
  • Disability income plan: Designed to replace some of your income if you become disabled on or off the job.
  • Cafeteria plan: Tax savings on withholdings for health and dental premiums, dependent care and/or unreimbursed medical expenses. 
  • Vision membership plan: Voluntary vision coverage for you and your dependents. Annually, employees have the opportunity to select level of benefit coverage.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA): This account lets you set aside money on a pretax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses by using untaxed dollars to pay for deductibles, copayments, coinsurance and other expenses. 
After One Year of Employment
  • Retirement plan: Board of Directors approves annual contribution for staff who are over the age of 21, have worked a minimum of 1,000 hours after becoming eligible and are not in a PRN status. 
  • Leave of absence: Maintain benefit levels and service records for an unpaid leave of absence. 
  • FMLA: Leave is up to 12 weeks in a 12-month rolling calendar and can be used to:
    • Bond with a new child
    • Recuperate from a serious health condition
    • Care for a family member with a serious health condition
    • Handle qualifying exigencies arising out of a family member’s military service
    • Attend to a family member who suffered a serious injury during active duty in the military
  • Employees averaging less than 48 hours per two-week pay period are eligible only for the benefits listed under “immediately.”
  • PHO conversion: Prior to each anniversary date, an employee may request to use up 32 hours of PHO to buy up to 64 hours of EIB (1 for 2 purchase) to build up a sick bank of time. 
  • PHO buy-back: Twice annually, extra PHO hours can be sold back to the hospital. Employee must leave a two-week accrual balance and one week or more can be cashed out. 
  • Incentive bonus plan: Employees share in hospital’s financial performance. Ten percent of operating margin is split with employees when the hospital achieves financial and customer service bonus qualification criteria. 
Other Services
  • Recurring dependent care: Daycare reimbursement may be available through tax deductions. 
  • LifeKeys: Assists employee, employee’s family and employee’s beneficiaries with end-of-life services. 
  • Cigna oral health integration program: Enhances dental coverage for people with diabetes and/or heart disease, and for pregnant women. 
  • TravelConnect program: Provides a wealth of travel, medical and safety-related services you can access while traveling.
Employee Service Discounts
  • AT&T: Save up to 24% on the monthly service charge of qualifying wireless plans. Additional savings available. 
  • Verizon: 19% off eligible monthly service charges under the employee account, plus an additional 3% bonus upon registration with MyVerizon and enrollment in paperless billing.
  • T-Mobile: Free activation, free express shipping and free SIM/setup kits, up to a $50 value per line when ordering via one of GVMH’s service discount partners. 
  • Sherwin Williams: $15 off household paints, stains, brushes and rollers.
  • Silver Dollar City: Get up to 15% off tickets to Silver Dollar City, White Water and Branson Belle.
  • TicketsAtWork.com: Access to exclusive savings on movie tickets, theme parks, hotels, tours, Broadway and Vegas shows and more.
  • Working Advantage: Access to exclusive savings on hotels, theme parks, movie tickets, concerts, rental cars and more. 
Health and Wellness
  • 50% off fitness classes and/or water aerobics at the community center
  • 50% off registration of select 5Ks
  • Corporate discount at Everyday Fitness: $25/month, no contract
  • Quarterly Lunch and Learns
  • Regular challenges and activities
  • Weight Watchers: 50% off membership fees
  • Employee Wellness Facebook Page 
  • Sharing healthy recipes group
  • Smoking cessation aides: 50% coverage of OTC meds through our hospital pharmacy 
  • Mental health education