Medical Home Care

At Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare, our primary care providers offer you a patient-centered medical home. This approach to your health focuses on complete, proactive, preventive care that encourages wellness. It differs from the traditional model of providing reactive care when you or your family are sick or hurt; however, we care for you then too.

As a patient-centered medical home, we build strong, healing patient-provider relationships for the long term. We work together with you or your loved ones to serve as your central partner for all of your healthcare needs. Together, we will keep you and your family as healthy and well as possible.

In a patient-centered medical home, patients and providers collaborate closely. We fulfill a number of responsibilities to you, but also look to you to play a role as an active member of your own care team.

Our Responsibilities to You:
  • Coordinate across care settings
  • Address questions and concerns
  • Communicate treatment goals and options
  • Develop treatment plans together
  • Provide proven care
  • Offer information about classes, support groups and other resources
Your Responsibilities to Yourself and Your Care Team:
  • Take an active role by asking questions and describing needs
  • Provide a complete medical history
  • Inform us of care received elsewhere, such as a hospital admission or emergency department visit
  • Follow the care plan
  • Participate in self-care activities
  • Provide feedback about health and wellness
Your Dedicated Care Team

As your patient-centered medical home care team, we serve as your central point of contact for a variety of health needs. We help you plan, schedule and coordinate important care across settings or specialties. We help you:

  • Schedule and complete needed labs or tests and inform all providers
  • Work with other specialists to manage care
  • Proactively schedule preventive screenings and exams
  • Follow up on hospital admissions or emergency room visits and schedule additional care, as needed
  • Offer support from social workers, dietitians and other care team members
  • Provide education and community resources to self-manage care
  • Offer long-term care management for complex or chronic conditions and coordinate involved providers
Contact Your Patient-Centered Medical Home

For your convenience, we provide a variety of options for contacting us and accessing your medical information.

  • Visit us at one of our Clinics, Walk-in Clinics or by telehealth
  • Reach us 24/7 through after-hours on-call providers
  • View medical information in myGVMH Portal
  • Message your provider through the myGVMH Portal
  • If you discharge from the GVMH Hospital or our Emergency Department, your care team nurse is available over the phone to:
    • Review medications
    • Discuss discharge instructions
    • Schedule follow-up appointments with your primary care provider
    • Provide patient education information
    • Offer referrals to local resources for food, housing and safety, if needed