Transportation Assistance

To provide access to transportation for healthcare appointments, Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH), partners with HealthTran, OATS and Medical Transportation Management. Attendees are encouraged to wear a mask, but not required.


HealthTran is available to drop off or pick up patients at any GVMH location for any GVMH service. Call 660.890.RIDE (7433) to schedule a ride.


  • Monday-Friday
  • Call for time availability
  • Transportation offered to any GVMH patient


  • $5 one way
  • $10 round trip
  • Card or check payment over the phone at the time of scheduling transportation is preferred
  • Cash will be excepted at the time of registration, if needed

Scheduling a Ride

  • Call 660.890.RIDE (7433) to request a ride at least 36 hours prior to the desired pick-up time or at the time of appointment scheduling
  • Rides scheduled under 36 hours prior to the desired pick-up time are at the discretion of the schedule and availability of transport
  • Tell the scheduler if you have mobility concerns or need an escort
  • Disclose any health issues that may be harmful to others or yourself

Confirming a Ride

  • 48 hours prior to pick up the rider will receive a text or call reminding them of their ride with the option to cancel the ride from 309.226.4450
  • Driver will call the rider within 24 hours of the ride to introduce themselves and confirm the ride
  • You must accept the ride during this call or text to confirm pick-up
  • Two additional attempts will be sent to confirm the ride — one per hour. If you do not confirm, the ride will be cancelled
  • By confirming, you acknowledge that transportation cannot be guaranteed
  • Transportation is dangerous and may result in personal injury

Code of Conduct

  • Be ready 15 minutes prior to pick-up time
  • No smoking in the vehicle
  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Follow the transport drivers’ instructions
  • Drivers are not allowed to accept goods or tips

To reschedule or cancel a HealthTran ride, call 660.890.RIDE (7433)

By choosing to ride with HealthTran, you take responsibility to follow the guidelines and code of conduct. Report a concern by contacting the Missouri Rural Health Association HealthTran at 573.616.2740 or

OATS Transit

OATS Transit is available to drop off or pick up patients at any GVMH location. Call 660.827.2611 or 800.276.6287 to schedule a ride.


  • Monday-Friday
  • Earliest appointment time for pick up is 8 a.m.
  • Transportation offered to residents of Calhoun, Clinton, Deepwater, Osceola, Warsaw, Windsor and surrounding areas


  • $1.00 each way for residents of Clinton
  • $2.50 each way for residents of Calhoun, Deepwater, Osceola, Warsaw and Windsor
  • Cash payments of the exact amount are preferred
  • Debit cards are accepted, but you must call 573.443.7516 (ext. 9006) with your information prior to the ride

Scheduling a Ride

  • Call the OATS Transit office at 660.827.2611 or 800.276.6287 to schedule a ride
  • An automate response will answer
    • To skip, press 1
    • Provide your name, address and phone number
    • Be prepared to provide the destination address, appointment time and pick-up time
  • Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance for early morning and out-of-town rides
  • Rides can be scheduled up to three weeks before the appointment date

To cancel a ride, please call 660.827.2611 or 800.276.6287.

Medical Transportation Management

Medical Transportation Management is available for patients who may be eligible for transportation benefits through Medicaid.

Scheduling a Ride:

  • Call 866.269.5927 to schedule a ride.
  • Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • Name and date of birth
    • Medicaid number
    • Height and weight (if in a wheel chair)
    • Patient address and phone number
    • Destination address and phone number
    • Name and type of provider

To cancel a ride or arrange to be picked up following your appointment, call 866.269.5944.