At Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare, we provide a range of anesthesia services for surgical operations and procedures performed in the operating room, emergency department and hospital, including obstetrical anesthesia, to ensure you experience the surgical process with a minimal amount of pain, recovery time and anxiety.

Prior to your surgery date, we provide a comprehensive, preoperative evaluation to fully educate you to help eliminate delays and create a good patient experience. We also offer a class on labor epidurals, spinals and medications for the birthing process.

Our anesthesia services include:

  • General anesthesia: When it is best for you to be unconscious to ensure you feel no pain and remain relaxed, general anesthesia is used during a surgery or procedure. A member of our anesthesia team will stay with you during the surgery.
  • Regional anesthesia: When sensations of pain need to be blocked from a specific area of the body, regional anesthesia is used.