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Twin Lakes Hospice will now be Known as Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare Hospice Services

Clinton, Mo. – (July 1, 2019) – Twin Lakes Hospice, acquired by Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) in July 2018, will now be known as GVMH Hospice Services. The new name reflects the united organization and its integrated approach to providing care throughout a lifetime.

GVMH Hospice Services provides care to terminally-ill patients and their families at home or in a nursing facility, as needed. The program includes access to the patient’s personal physician, medical services, an on-call nurse, home health aides and volunteers. It also provides medications, medical equipment, emotional and spiritual counseling, and many other services.

“Our staff is delighted to be recognized as part of the largest healthcare provider in the region,” said Tony Curtis, director of hospice services at GVMH. “Being a part of GVMH has given us the opportunity to expand our reach while we continue to provide exceptional care and compassion to our patients and support the community.”

GVMH Hospice Services will still be located at 725 E. Ohio Street and can be reached at 800.328.5446.